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πŸŽ“ How is Dora different?
πŸŽ“ How is Dora different?
Updated over a week ago

1. Dora is better at creating 3D websites and advanced animated websites.

  • Generate landing pages from just one prompt using our newest text-to-website technology, Dora AI.

  • Import 3D objects directly into the editor to create effects previously only possible via code.

  • A powerful keyframe feature in Dora editor, making it easy to create complex animations, including scroll animations.

  • Our reimagined constraint layout system allows more intuitive construction of complex responsive websites.

2. Architecture

  • Technology stackAtomic-based Lego Building Philosophy

    We prefer designing the underlying architecture and building our ability matrix from both horizontal and vertical perspectives, ultimately covering 99% of traditional frontend technology scenarios. We combine interfaces and features (similar to functional programming) and hand over configuration abilities to users through an ecosystem and plugin approach.

  • Technology stack

    We have utilized the Flutter technology stack, based on the Skia engine, which ensures a unified cross-platform approach. It will be very smooth to create desktop, mobile, embedded and other applications with a single no-code project. Also, logic flows, Super Input, and powerful rich text components are all within reach. When compared to other site, which uses frontend technologies, there are still many challenges ahead in migrating towards multi-device applications in the future.

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