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Components are elements you can reuse across your designs. They help to create and manage consistent designs across pages.

A button component with 4 state

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Dora Project - πŸ”— Components


Properties are the variable aspects of our component. For example, the properties of a button component could be the Status or Type.

Property Values

Values are the different options available for each property.

For example:

the Status property could have Default, Hover values.

the Type property could have Primary, Secondary values.


One component may have multiple states, but each state needs to be a unique combination of properties and values.

Default Hover


State 1: Primary Default State 2: Primary Hover


State 3: Secondary Default State 4: Secondary Hover

1. Create Button Component & Hover State

You can create components from any layers or objects you've designed. These could be a whole range of things like buttons, icons, layouts, and more.

2. Use Component & Override Button Text

3. Add Hover Interaction & Preview

4. Add a Secondary Button Type

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