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🔗 Custom URL/Code Embed
🔗 Custom URL/Code Embed
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With Embed, you can easily embed websites, iFrames, widgets, or scripts into your Dora website.

How to use the Embed widget

Step 1. Add an embed widget

  1. Click the + Insert menu on the top bar.

  2. Select “Embed” from the dropdown.

  3. Drag to create an embed widget in the canvas.

Or drag an embed widget onto the canvas.

Step 2. Add embed content

  1. Copy the code you’d like to embed into your clipboard.

  2. In the embed section on the right sidebar, select the type of element you want to embed (URL/HTML).

  3. Paste your copied code.

How to set the size of the Embed element

Unless explicit size information is provided in your custom code, embed widgets will default to filling the entire parent element’s width.

You can add height="100%" and width="100%" in your custom code to ensure your embed completely fills and/or resizes based on the parent element.

My Embed widget isn’t working!


  • Embedding web pages that use HTTP headers is not currently supported.

    🚫 http:// ✅ https://

  • Some web pages may have content security policies that prevent embedding.

Custom code

  • Double-check whether your code contains appropriate start and/or end tags, and does not include <html>, <body>, or <head> tags.

  • Custom code cannot exceed 10,000 characters. If the code you want to embed is longer, try storing it on another server and referencing the script in your embed. Provided you don’t compromise any Javascript functions, you can also minify your code using a third-party tool or split the code into multiple Embed elements.


Please make sure there is no overlap between interactive components and Embed widgets to prevent any issues with interactivity after publishing.


Please keep in mind that custom code is an advanced modification that may conflict with Dora’s underlying functionality. Thus, we cannot guarantee the full functionality or compatibility of any custom code.

Our team is unable to directly assist the setup and troubleshooting of custom code. If you have already attempted to debug the issue and still need help, please contact the Dora support team on our Discord.

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