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⚡️ Dora High-Performance mode
⚡️ Dora High-Performance mode
Updated over a week ago

In web development, speed is key. Introducing Dora High-Performance Mode: it boosts Dora websites' loading and rendering speeds by 10x.

Why High-Performance Mode?

Dora High-Performance Mode significantly enhances the user experience. Utilizing advanced caching, streamlined code execution, and better resource management, ensures web pages load and render with exceptional speed and fluidity.

How to Activate Dora High-Performance Mode?

Enable High-Performance Mode:

  • For the live site: Go to the Publish menu and check the box.

For preview mode: Toggle the checkbox in the top left of the preview toolbar.

⚠️ Note: These settings are independent and don't sync.

Unsupported List

In this mode, some features and effects are temporarily unsupported:

  • Even Spacing Distribution in older projects.

  • "Go to page" interactions are restricted to instant effects.

We're working hard to bring these features back in future updates. If they're crucial for your project, consider disabling High-Performance Mode.


Unlock unmatched web performance with Dora High-Performance Mode. Enjoy faster load times, smoother rendering, and set new efficiency standards. Experience the future of web development with Dora today. ☀️

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