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➡️ Import from Figma
➡️ Import from Figma
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It is recommended to import necessary items in smaller quantities and to assemble them on Dora if possible.

By installing this Figma plugin, you can seamlessly transfer layers from Figma to Dora. All you need to do is copy the desired layers from Figma and paste them onto the Dora canvas, and voila! It's that easy.

How to install and run the plugin?

  1. In Figma, select the layers you want to copy

  2. Right-click and select "Plugins" → "Figma to Dora"

  3. In Dora, open a new or existing project

  4. Paste the copied content onto the canvas

🐝 You can run the last plugin again using ⌥⌘P (Mac) or Alt Control P (Windows).

Best Practices

Upcoming Features

The Dora team is constantly working to improve Figma-Dora compatibility. Here are some features we will include in future releases:

  • Capability to transfer custom fonts

  • Support for transferring vectors

  • Ability to transfer corner smoothing translations

  • Fully functional Components/Instances

  • Support for importing Figma libraries

📢 Currently, the Safari browser does not support the Figma to Dora plugin. We recommend using Chrome or the Figma desktop application.

Popular tutorial

💡Creative Boost: From Figma to a 3D Web Page with Dora Plugin


For support or to report any issues with the plugin, please contact the Dora support team at our Discord Community.

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