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Learn how to set the SEO title and description for each page on your website.

The SEO title and description are what appears on Google and other search engines when someone searches for your website. You can customize these SEO settings for each page in your website in its [ Site Settings ].

How to set SEO settings

To set SEO settings on a site page:

  1. Go to the main menu in the top left corner

  2. Click on “Site Settings”

  3. Add the website title and description

What is a website title?

The website title is usually displayed in search engine results and browser tabs. We recommend keeping it around 55 characters.

What is a website description?

The description can be a sentence or paragraph that describes your website. Search engines will truncate long descriptions, so we recommend keeping them around 155-300 characters.

If your website description does show up in search results, it can prompt people to click through to your site page, especially if the description is relevant to the content of your page.

❗️Remember to resist the urge to cram these fields with keywords to try and rig search results. Google ignores and in some cases penalizes deceptive practices.

How to set the SEO for individual pages

There are multiple benefits to adding SEO settings for individual pages. Incorporating appropriate descriptions in website titles and descriptions can effectively boost click-through rates in search results, ultimately enhancing your SEO performance.

When you change the website settings in “General”, all pages will pull their page settings from there. You'll define a pattern that all pages will use for their website title and website description.

You can override your page settings for each individual page. Select the page on the left panel, and change the “Page title” or “Page description” or “URL” in page settings.

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